Make COVID-19 test appointment

Please review and acknowledge the following important information
The test detects if you have SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) at the time of the test only.

It does not test for immunity or if you had the virus in the past.

If your results are positive, please contact a doctor immediately.

Only a doctor can give you a diagnosis. They can also provide information on how to care for yourself and to help protect others from infection.

Negative results mean that the virus was not detected.

If you're feeling symptoms, contact a doctor and ask whether you should be retested because:

a. You may have contracted the virus after your test.

b. Your test may have been a false negative. False negatives occur because the tests are not perfectly accurate.

We do not provide medical advice or medical care. Please follow up with your doctor about your results.

Your results will be shared with certain federal, state, or local agencies for public health purposes as required by law.