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Virus Geeks, recently rated the "Preferred testing company and top test site in the Bay Area" by the City of San Francisco, is your number one choice for COVID-19 virus testing. Virus Geeks is partnering with public health departments and organizations, as well as on its own, to provide you with COVID-19 testing services.

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In most cases, your results will be ready in 3 business days or less (due to high volume and other circumstances regarding your sample, the results may be delayed). You will receive an email or text notification when your results are ready. In some instances, Virus Geeks can get your results to you in less than 48-hours (fees apply).

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Should I Get Tested Even If I Have Been Vaccinated?

Did you receive a vaccination but still have concerns? If so, you are like thousands of others who want to protect themselves, their children, elderly parents, friends and family.

Getting tested can protect you and your family from unknowingly spreading COVID-19.

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